The Cross-Industry Initiative (CII) was set up between December 2014 and March 2015 as a loose coalition aimed at streamlining chemicals management. It currently comprises over 60 organisations: sectoral associations at EU and national level, as well as companies.

Mission and activities

Our members represent manufacturers as well as downstream users of chemicals, large companies and SMEs.

Overall, CII members account directly and indirectly for several millions jobs in the European Union, both in traditional and innovative technologies.

The substances produced and used by our members make vital contribution to the society, as they are indispensable enablers to key EU policy objectives such as public health, energy, the environment or innovation.

These substances can in many cases not be substituted or with important reductions of performance or increased costs.

Activities carried out by the CII include research and exchange of views among members, to prepare documentation and define consistent and concrete proposals with a view to streamlining chemicals management in the EU. The remit of the CII targets exclusively cases where the potential risks posed by chemicals are limited to the workplace environment.

The outcomes of this work is then regularly presented to and discussed with the European Commission, other EU and national authorities, social partners and other stakeholders. Our proposals are already under consideration by the Commission and several Member State authorities.

The CII is open to feedback from policy-makers and other stakeholders. We are open to dialogue and happy to answer any questions!


Since it was established, the CII has been very active in collecting information, presenting our messages and exchanging views with stakeholders. The timeline below gives you a brief overview of important milestones for our initiative.


  • CII comments about the CARACAL Paper on the interface of REACH and OSH legislation


  • CII Position Paper on the Commission's conclusions from the 2nd REACH Review
  • Contribution to the CARACAL discussions on the REACH-OSH interface
  • Continued engagement with the European Commission (SecGen, DG GROW, DG ENVI, DG EMPL) and the Member States (in Brussels and the EU capitals)
  • Joint CII-German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy dinner debate on 'Strengthening RMO selection decisions: The way forward to streamline chemicals management?'
  • CII European Parliament dinner debate on the REACH-OSH interface, co-organised with Ms. Girling MEP and Ms. McIntyre MEP
  • Ongoing dialogue with other stakeholders

2016 and 2017:

  • Continued engagement with the European Commission, Member States, trade union representatives and other stakeholders.
  • Launch of the CII website, to inform about our positions.
  • Presentation of CII’s proposals at various conferences, e.g. the 2016 REACH Conference in Prague.
  • Development of new policy recommendations on specific aspects of the CII proposals, to be presented in the second half of the year.


  • Over 60 organisations joined the initiative.
  • Drafting of the CII’s position paper in the EU’s three working languages.
  • Presentation of our position paper to the European Commission and discussions about possible policy initiatives.
  • Collection of information and drafting of two papers presenting more details on our proposals regarding OSH and REACH, as well as ways to enhance OSH legislation. Submission to the European Commission.
  • Meetings with representatives from national authorities and exchanges of views on our suggestions.


  • Preliminary discussions among industry stakeholders on the possible synergies between REACH and OSH legislation. Agreement to form a loose coalition of stakeholders aimed at streamlining chemicals management.