The CII is supported by over 60 organisations: manufacturers and downstream users of chemicals, large companies and SMEs.

We represent industry sectors and technologies which contribute to competitiveness, economic growth and jobs in the EU.

Better regulation in chemicals is about using the most effective risk management option for a specific risk.

The CII is calling for a tailor-made and targeted use of REACH Authorisation.

Workplace legislation is the most targeted tool for potential risks limited to the workplace.


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Recommendations by an EU-wide cross-industry initiative for better regulation in chemicals management

Better regulation in chemicals management requires identification, implementation and enforcement of the most effective risk management option, tailored to tackle a specific risk. Please find the document below in English, German, French and Italian. 


CII comments on the 'Paper to inform joint CARACAL and ACSH/WPC discussions on the interface between REACH and OSH' (CA/05/22)

The CII welcomes the organisation of the 1st Joint Meeting of CARACAL and the ACSH/WPC, as well as the related background paper which proved to be a useful basis for constructive exchanges at the meeting. We appreciate the opportunity to comment on the background paper. We have firstly addressed the questions asked in the background paper and then added some further reflections on the topic. We encourage continuing the discussions in further joint meetings of CARACAL and ACSH/WPC.


CII contribution to the European Commission’s public consultation on the targeted revision of the REACH Regulation

The Cross-Industry Initiative for Better Regulation in Chemicals Management (CII) welcomes the opportunity to reply to the European Commission’s public consultation on the targeted revision of the REACH Regulation. In its replies and comments, the CII has focused on the much-needed clarification of the REACH-OSH interface.